Southwestern PA Water Authority


Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority was created in December 1951 by Jefferson Borough and Jefferson Township. In 1953, the Authority acquired ownership of the Trotter, General, Rices Landing and Clarksville Water Companies. In 1967, the Authority acquired the Waynesburg Water Company system from the American Water Works Company. Since that time, the Authority has acquired the water systems serving the Villages of Nemacolin, Isabella, Mather and the water system owned by the Southeast Franklin Sewer Authority.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority has grown to be one of the larger Authorities in Pennsylvania. The Authority has a current customer base of 14,500 accounts serving a population of approximately 50,000 and maintains a pipe network of 550 miles of pipeline. The Authority's water system geographically now extends from a point west of Route 40 in Fayette County to Wind Ridge in Western Greene County. The Authority's water  treatment plant, located in Cumberland Township on the Monongahela River, in the center of the comprehensive service territory, serves the entire system.

Municipalities Serviced by Southwestern Pennsylvania Water Authority

  • Amwell Township
  • Luzerne Township
  • Center Township
  • Menallen Township
  • Clarksville Borough
  • Monongahela Township
  • Cumberland Township
  • Morgan Township
  • Deemston Borough
  • Morris Township
  • East Bethlehem Township
  • Perry Township
  • Franklin Township
  • Greene Township 
  • Georges Township
  • Rices Landing Borough
  • German Township
  • Richhill Township
  • Gray Township
  • Washington Township 
  • Greensboro Borough
  • Wayne Township
  • Jefferson Township
  • Waynesburg Borough
  • Jefferson Borough
  • West Bethlehem Township and Whiteley Township

Did You Know...

The average American uses 140-170 gallons of water per day.